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Guess The Mystery Author

Posted by BigWords on August 26, 2009

There is a rule over on the AW forum that states ‘respect your fellow author’ – which is a good thing considering how some threads can turn into extended ramblings and rants. That shit ain’t gonna fly here, ’cause what I have here is an entirely different kind of free speech. This is where I can let rip without any censure, and the current target is a mystery author who really ought to be uncovered. Lets play along.

In the current issue of SFX Dave Langford writes (in his regular column) about an author who has tried to abuse online reviews to publicise his own works. Interesting, no? Well, there are a few clues in the article. The mystery author (named “Direhack” in the column) is an American self-published author who “writes woefully inept fantasies”. Hmmm. Doesn’t narrow the possibilities any, so we’ll have to search further.

The mystery author uses hundreds of Amazon accounts to post reviews of his own book. The author’s page on Wikipedia has been culled (start hunting, puzzlers), and they have been known to threaten legal action. Narcissistic and petty could be a lot of people, so the list of possible authors isn’t exactly shrinking. Hell, I’m no closer than I was…

If big names such as Stephanie Meyer don’t know a fucking plot when they see it, then I dread to think how bad the mystery authors books are. Have I already mentioned in this blog how bad Dan Brown is? There are plenty of idiots wielding pens who ought to stop. Right now. This very instant. I’m guessing that Direhack is worse than those two penny dreadful scribblers put together. Which would make him Epic Fail multiplied to infinity.

C’mon peoples, we gotta find out who Direhack is so I can mock him.


4 Responses to “Guess The Mystery Author”

  1. dlanod said

    I’m finding myself disgustingly intrigued by this secret identity too. The best link I’ve found so far is that the Wikipedia author mentioned about removing Rothfuss and Abercrombie for “non-notableness” is someone called Synthfin ( Haven’t managed to pick out the actual author though. Only been looking for about 15 minutes though. 🙂

  2. dlanod said

    Found it, Langford included the name in the article in Ansible from 2002 that he mentions in SFX – found online at Some no name called Robert Stanek who is impressive for the fact that I, who have lived in the fantasy aisles of the world all my life, haven’t even heard of him.

  3. bigwords88 said

    That is some major Google-fu you’ve got going on there. Awesome work. Now, lets see what I can dig up on Stanek…

  4. Dazza said

    check this out:

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