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End Of The Week Update

Posted by BigWords on August 23, 2009

I’ve noticed that there are quite a few authors posting weekly updates on what they have managed to get done during the week. I like to be different, so here is a weekly roundup of a different sort entirely.

Burnout 3: Takedown

Game Complete: 91%

Playing Time: 65 hrs, 23 mins

Burnout Points: 1,390,600
Crash Damage: $200,855,071
Takedowns: 1,637
Slam: 1,699

Race Event: 339
Crash Event: 520
Events Unlocked: 169
Events Completed: 166/173
Gold Medals (Special Events): 3/10

Longest Oncoming: 3,912ft
Longest Drift: 890ft
Car Count: 58/67
Signature Takedown Count: 13/20
Headline Count: 10/10
Takedown Target Count: 14/20

I’m in a nostalgic gaming mood, so I dusted this off. Not a bad game, but the annoyance of overly-aggresive game-controlled vehicles becomes tiresome after a while.


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