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It Was Just A Coincidence, Right? Right?

Posted by BigWords on August 9, 2009

After writing my last post, the internet died. To be slightly more specific, the T-Mobile network went tits up, which made me reconsider pissing everyone off with my attack on the politically correct bullshit which is spreading through the UK.

It was a coincidence, and it was nothing to do with me. The power of coincidences has a strange pull, and one which I have experienced several times throughout my life. The kind of stuff that sounds made up, but were absolutely true. One of the most powerful moments of “Holy shit, what have I done now” was when I sneaked off school to watch The Exorcist when it was showing at the local cinema. I was fifteen, but somehow passed for eighteen.

The Adam Smith Cinema isn’t a big chain, so it shows old films every now and again, and it was when I saw the ads on the side of the building that I got the idea to play hooky. School was mostly a chore, and I didn’t think much of the lesson plans, so a day off was in order. It was a bright afternoon with clear blue skies. There wasn’t so much as a cloud in the sky, and my mood was improved as soon as I got myself settled down in the big red seat.

So, after the end credits (I have never left a cinema before the lights come up) the time for me to reappear from the safe cocoon of the cinema comes and I’m in for a shock. The film has spooked the shit out of me, and now I find that the town has a torrential downpour. The freaky thing about the rain was the sky, still as clear and as blue as when I entered the cinema. I’ll never forget the feeling, as if I had somehow brought on the depressing rain by watching that fucking film.

And now I’m thinking that the last post might have sent the T-Mobile server into a fit of self-righteous censorship.

Nah… It was just a coincidence.

I’ve also been places, far from where I was living at the time, when I bumped into people who stayed a few doors down the road. Coincidences seem to follow me around, and I don’t think that the old criticism of plot-led narratives being unbelievable are as sensible as their announcers think. Real life is filled with unlikely coincidences, strange parallels, obscure connections and twisting threads of life.

I’m off to see if I can break the internet again. I might be some time…


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