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An Englishman, An Irishman And A Scotsman Walk Into A Bar…

Posted by BigWords on August 9, 2009

Political correctness is beginning to severely affect my reading tastes, the television I watch and the way I behave in public. It kinda crept up on me, but I have noticed that I now say things which are designed to deliberately annoy the PC-sensitive folks. I would never have dreamed of mentioning WWII to a German before the madness of the Thought Police grasped at the minds of the sheep in this country, but things have got so bad that a person can’t even say the title of this post without raising a few eyebrows.

Is this what was intended? Did the current state of bland, emotionally retarded policies on ‘proper behavior’ result directly from the equality of all, or has the bandwagon been invaded by injuns? Gee, even that metaphor is going to get some static. If you think I’m exaggerating, then you haven’t spent much time in Blighty. Damn, there I go again. Before this post degenerates into a list of things I shouldn’t be saying, I had better provide some counterbalance.

The philosophy of the political correct seems sensible enough, as far as any political idea can. Of course, when actual human beings try to implement abstract ideas, well… Can you say “vested interests” for me? Yup, the entire debacle has been hijacked by minority interests, cliques and the allegedly ‘persecuted’ members of society. Which is why (big breath, prepare for a shitstorm) you can’t call the Welsh sheep-shaggers any more. But why? It isn’t as if the phrase is meant seriously, and shouldn’t be taken seriously any more than the Irish are stupid, the Scots drunkards and skinflints or the English a bunch of soccer hooligans.

It’s turns of phrase, which have added shorthand jocularity to the language since days of yore. And it isn’t just the obvious things which have come under fire.

I managed to upset a room full of people with a comment about German organizational abilities. I’m not going to repeat the comment here, because having an entire nation out for my blood seems foolish – even to me – despite the fact that I WAS RIGHT. C’mon, can you think of any other country which has he ability to set up something as complicated and time-critical as an invasion of Poland or the concentration camps. Uh-oh. See what you made me do? I went and repeated the comment which pissed everyone off.

Regardless, at least I didn’t point out anything else. Wouldn’t want  to upset anyone deliberately.

I’m forced to respect things like the Aussie jokebook, despite the fact that Australians have been destroying the English language for years now.

Maybe the push of PC thought has made me more determined to push the boundaries, but I honestly believe that the only people offended by comments are the people who set out to look for things which will offend them. I’ll make a big recommendation for The Life Of Brian as being one of the funniest films ever made, and it has nothing to do with any perceived ‘controversial’ elements. It’s fucking hilarious. Which takes me back to the element of “bad language” which offends people. Bah.

I can’t win.

We’re now living in 1984.


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