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Selling Out Is This Season’s ‘Black’

Posted by BigWords on August 7, 2009

Read this, then come right back…

All done? Then I will begin.

I have no problems with being a complete whore, and if anyone wants to publish me, then sign me up for the ad-filled version of publishing. Yeah, ads in books is gonna be huge. Look at the things we can expect, and just try and convince me it isn’t a good idea…

  • SF books containing money-off vouchers for Richard Branson’s space flights (once, y’know, he gets the damn thing off the ground).
  • Ads for chainsaws, guns and self-defense techniques in zombie novels.
  • Condom adverts in erotica, and maybe sponsored versions of the books bundled with catalogues of ‘adult products’.
  • Biographies filled with ads for the products of the subject in question.
  • Barf bags with sponsored logos pre-packaged with gore-filled novels.
  • The Secret should be filled with ads for deprogramming centres.

The special treatment that novels have had, compared with other mediums, must come to an end sooner or later, so I’m cautiously optimistic that some fun will be had with the idea. If you’re gonna sell out, you can at least do it with a smile on your face…

It’s not as bad as you probably imagine it to be, and I can see where the use of adverts might actually make a book more interesting. Have you read any of Dan Brown’s trash-lit? Well, sticking a few ads in one of those fuckers will be a blessing. There will be something in the books I can read without giving myself a screaming migraine.

Feel free to disagree as vehemently as you like.


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