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Someone Stupid This Way Comes

Posted by BigWords on July 29, 2009

The preponderance of idiotic behavior in humanity is spreading. A long held belief that ‘foolproof ideas’ can never be implemented because ‘they’ll just keep making better fools’ ain’t so far off, ’cause I have seen how dumb some people can be. Yeah, the idiots are reproducing at a rate which would make rabbits feel inadequate. Shee-yit, what the hell is wrong with people?

Only today – this morning in fact – I saw someone cycling along a train line. Given the fact that I was sitting at the station waiting on the train, this seems like a really dumb thing to do. It is asking for trouble when you venture onto a train line, but to cycle in the direction the train is goint to travel (i.e. the dumb asshole would have the train behind him) is suicidal.

I have read the Darwin Awards with some amusement since I discovered them some years ago, and I get the feeling that they aren’t going to run out of candidates any time soon. The lack of common sense isn’t limited to the extremely stupid either, as some otherwise normal people have been known to do exceedingly stupid things. Ignoring the bad influence of alcohol, the dumb gene can be present in anyone and show up unexpectedly.

There’s a theory I have, which explains some of the behavior I have witnesses: If you see someone behaving in a manner which is life-threateningly stupid, you will be ‘infected’ with an idea of equal idiocy. At least, that’s my excuse for ignoring people.


3 Responses to “Someone Stupid This Way Comes”

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