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Is Smoking Really So Evil?

Posted by BigWords on July 27, 2009

If you have been paying attention to public opinion, then you should be aware that smokers have now overtaken child abusers, terrorists, murderers and politicians as the most despicable wretches on the planet. Yup, we’re being vilified again, and the venom spewing forth is starting to be taken seriously by otherwise-intelligent people. What’s the hell is wrong with the world? Jeez… It isn’t as if I’m toking away on grass, y’know. Well, not right at this moment-

The poster for Audrey Tautou’s new film, in which she portrays Coco Chanel, has been ‘modified’ (read: bastardized) to take the cigarette out of her hand. Because, if you follow the logic of the health zealots, non-smokers will see the image and be overcome with the irresistible urge to light up a cigarette. The stupid and petty antics to which the anti-nicotine agenda will stoop truly knows no limits.

If things continue at the pace they seem to be going, then smoking will be completely outlawed in Britain by the end of the next decade. By which time I will have left, because I ain’t giving up my passtimes without a damn good reason. I know all about the health risks involved with smoking, and I have seen the gruesome pictures now displayed on cigarette packs, but the fact that I haven’t yet packed in smoking must tell you something, right?


It is a conscious decision, and one which I willingly take. If we stand back and allow the Nazi-like determination of the New Labour camp to outlaw smoking, what will be next on their list? Alcohol? Driving petrol vehicles? Swearing?

Don’t think that the idiots in charge of the asylum have any better idea than the rest of us. They are stumbling around in the dark, just like we are, only I have an advantage…

I’ll see where I’m going by the glow from the end of my cigarette.


3 Responses to “Is Smoking Really So Evil?”

  1. dnic said

    I think the thing about smoking is that there’s the whole second-handed smoking bit going on. The petrol vehicles…give it a few years and I’m pretty sure you’ll see that next on the list.

  2. bigwords88 said

    I’m not against electric vehicles in principle. The idea is brilliant. The idea is completely wonderful when you look at the level of waste created…

    It’s just that 99% of electric cars can’t go very fast, look like they were designed by a blind person and run out of get-up-and-go after a few miles. Damn, I’m in agreement with Jeremy Clarkson again, despite myself.

  3. Carol said

    I’m not a smoker and never have been, but I do feel a lot of sympathy for the smokers out there. What I really hate seeing is the winter time when you get patients from the hospital standing around outside having a smoke. Isn’t it bad enough they’re in the hospital? Do you really think making them stand around in sub-zero temperatures to have their cigarette is helping? There’s no reason a room with a fan can’t be designated for their use, especially in the winter.

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