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Trying To Ignore The Elephant In The Corner Of The Room

Posted by BigWords on July 25, 2009

When you absolutely, positively, under any circumstances can not ignore something any longer, the right thing to do is bring it up, right? Because ignoring the obvious is stupid…

Or you would think.

I made a comment, off the cuff and without thinking about the ramifications, concerning a rather ugly painting. I’ve been in Simon’s* house before, but I’ve never noticed just how goddamn ugly his taste in art has been. So the comment:

Did you lose a bet or something?

I point to the picture, a crude oil painting of a house that looked like the home of a serial killer. He shuffles on the spot for a moment then tells me that it was painted by his father in law. I compound my error by asking him if his father in law hates him.

Yes, there are limits to how long people will put up with me.

* Not his real name. I can be subtle somtimes…


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