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The Very, Very Last Word On Michael Jackson

Posted by BigWords on July 22, 2009

There has been enough bullshit spread about Michael Jackson’s life. I thought it would be nice if I just put up a few pictures of the star in better times – just to remind everyone that he was completely normal, loved his children and knew how to dress well.


Okay, so maybe it is hard to find images of Jacko looking even halfway normal, but at least I tried. I’m still not sure if he was completely insane, or if his ‘eccentricities’ were a fabrication of media and PR assholes desperate to generate interest in a car wreck of a singer. He is not going to be remembered for his music, regardless of quality or popularity. He’s gonna be remembered as a grown man who shared a bed with children and for ‘Jesus juice’.


Just look at his nose. you can’t miss the schnoz, and tell me the eccentric plastic surgery fetish wasn’t caused by some delusion. It wasn’t as awful as the bride of Wildenstein, but damn

Now that he is dead, the floodgates are open for every nasty, spiteful bit of gossip that everyone was shit-scared of publicly stating. No more. We are free to revel in the darkest and most disturbing facets of his life. I’m surprised that the overall reaction has been so warm, considering the things he was accused of, so I’ll finish up here with this…


3 Responses to “The Very, Very Last Word On Michael Jackson”

  1. MJfan4ever said

    you are jerk!! you dont know anything about michael yet you (like many other people) judge him!! you know you cant believe everything the media feeds you!? their jobs is to create lies that people will buy!! they pretty much use us because we are not educated enough not to buy into it!! he was NEVER found guilty it was all lies to try and get money from a loving and caring man!! he deserved to be treated much better then he was!! now please i dont care if you like him or not…just leave him alone!! he is gone, he suffered his whole life LET HIM REST IN PEACE!! heal the world and long live the true king of pop!!!
    i love you all

    *i love you more michael!!!*

  2. bigwords88 said

    Thank you for reading.

    You did hear about the “early warning system” in his bedroom, right? The one which let him know that staff (or anyone else) were approaching his bedroom… Now, why (we have to ask ourselves) would someone who is in no way acting inappropriately with the youngsters there, need to be notified of anyone who might see him engaged in… Whatever. There is too much circumstantial evidence to completely ignore.

    And as for my status as a jerk – well, I ain’t gonna pretend I’m not. I appreciate all comments and opinions on the subject of the late singer’s life, and I appreciate your continued devotion to his skill and artistry. If I can overlook Roman Polanski and Victor Salva’s kiddy-fiddling to see the talent of their film-making, I can lay aside Jacko’s peculiar behavior to appreciate his talent for music.

    The Thriller video is a classic example of a disposable art form (in this case the pop video) being elevated to near genius. He had his place in the music industry for a reason.

  3. Giselle Larrivee said

    This is exactly how I feel about this. This is a good posting.

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