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Is That A Fencing Scar, Mr. Ecclestone?

Posted by BigWords on July 19, 2009

Bernard Charles “Bernie” Ecclestone is about as far from Teutonic an individual as you are likely to find, but his sympathetic words about Hitler’s ability to “get things done” is not unsurprising. I’m not going to wade into the boring and predictable topic of Max Mosley’s personal life, which is tamer than the reports would make out, as that has absolutely no shock in store. Hasn’t everyone made a sex tape already? Boooooring. Come back when you have a better cameraman, then I might feign interest for a while.

What is interesting, and I swear that I’m getting to the point, is the fact that Bernie is speaking about a point in history as if it were simply a world leader going about everyday business. Managing the economy, setting up trade deals, improving education, shoring up any deficiencies in the health system…

No, far from it. The way that the Nazi’s “got things done” was to eliminate everyone who stood against their viewpoints. Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, artists, musicians, writers, communists, the mentally retarded and anyone “different” ended up in concentration camps or in ditches with a bullet in their head. Those who managed to escape the terrors of the Nazis left everything behind to forge a new life, disconnected from their families (if those they left behind were alive), alone in strange countries.


What does this comment tell us about Bernie? Is everyone in the upper echelons of Formula One a bunch of Nazis?

I’m not sure he engaged his brain before he spouted off about Hitler’s proficiency in dealing with ‘problems’, but if he has thought about what he said at any length he probably knows that time is running out for F1’s current management. How much longer can the small group of fascists still present in the motorsports biz keep their jobs? Not long, I’ll wager. The sentiments of a few outdated individuals are harming the sport in ways that even racing debacles and arguments can’t.

Next week the race is the Hungary, a country occupied by Germany during WWII. It will be interesting to see how Hansi’s Bernie’s words have gone down in a country which was treated so harshly by Hitler.

All those years breathing exhaust fumes can’t have been good for you Bernie…


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