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Posted by BigWords on July 17, 2009

Word has come down from on high that my computer game can’t use my first choice of engine due to cost. It’s a indie project, so I can’t demand the funds from thin air. I’ve already spent a lot of time and money on it, and if I have to design an engine from the ground up, then that’s what I’m going to do. It pisses me off no end that the licensing is so difficult, even when we have given the guys every concession they demanded. Rrrrrrghhhh. I’m not giving this one up.

I’m tidying up the hard drive, and moving across all of the material I have amassed to an external unit, along with duplicating everything onto disk. The older writing is kinda interesting, and doesn’t fit with anything I’m currently working on, so I’ll start placing some of it here (or hereabouts) as soon as I have re-checked everything and done a spell-check. Yup, it’s more geekery and list-obsession, but at least I have precedent with some of the work. Not all of it is my ideas, so I’m gonna check with the appropriate people before some of it gets aired here. There will also be links through to important stuff that explains a lot of things…

Remember back-a-ways when I said I had planned for a massive shed… Well, there has been a lot of work on clearing space to make room for it. I’ve set aside a clear space on the patio so I have somewhere to put all of the wood when it arrives, although a ‘phone call has made me think I may be underestimating the size. It turns out that the delivery will be on Tuesday, and they are going to send it on the backs of two lorries. Yup, two lorries. Shee-yit. How big is it gonna be? It was meant to be 15′ (about four and a half meters I think), but two lorries

I couldn’t help myself – I went out and bought a replacement X-box. I paid twenty quid for it, so I’m not fussed about the condition. As long as it plays my games I’m gonna be happy. You haven’t lived until you’ve wasted an hour playing Matrix: Path Of Neo – at least until the end, when it gets silly as fuck with a giant robot appearing in the late stages. I gave up on the films, but the game is still dumb fun. There’s a spoiler there, for anyone who hasn’t seen the horror that awaits a brave gamer bold enough to keep playing through to the end.

Even though I have neglected the book review blog, I swear that I’m not ignoring it. There’s just so much stuff going on at the moment that I haven’t had enough time to devote a proper level of attention to the things I need to do there. The updates will become more frequent once I finish up with my course. There are a few changes I have been meaning to make, some updated information, and a couple of corrections.


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