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My Memory May Be Wrong, But…

Posted by BigWords on July 11, 2009

…I swear that I saw a Dr. Giggles novelization somewhere. I’ve looked online for a copy, but I seem to have been fooled by a misfiring brain cell. There isn’t one listed anywhere. It’s for the secret project I set myself, and which can now be found here. It’s a list of novels based on comic-books, though there are still a few holes here and there. The biggest gaps are the foreign books, which are so difficult to get English-language information on that I have mostly given up.

Here’s what I’m sure I should have, but haven’t found info on: Ganes Th’s characters (Indonesian comic-to-film novelizations), some Ghost In The Shell paperbacks, Asterix (there were three films which I’m sure had book tie-ins) and the most obvious missing entry – Akira. Isn’t there a book of the film? Did the English-language publishers just put out a new edition of the manga as a tie-in?

Any corrections, amendments or new additions should be sent to my e-mail. I’ll probably regret starting this off, ’cause the next couple of book-lists are already shaping up nicely…


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