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Posted by BigWords on July 7, 2009

There wasn’t much that screamed “buy me” at the shops, so I had a look in a second-hand shop. A bric-a-brac place which sometimes has books, magazines and DVD’s amongst the clutter which normally fills the shelves. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to check out what was in there, and I’m glad I made the decision to take a look. I don’t normally gloat so much, but fuck… This is a once-in-a-decade chance to grin like a loon and get away with it.

There are a bunch of comics sitting in a box filled with children’s books. I would have missed them completely if it wasn’t for the Hotspur annual, though those aren’t exactly my taste. I’m busy pulling the layers of books back, and I come across the comics. Fourteen of them, all American save for a solitary Alan Class title – Secrets Of The Unknown. I’m thinking how I should put them down when I recognise one of the covers, and then another. Oh-my-fucking-lordy, it’s only the Phoenix Saga.

Daredevil #167; Iron Man #138 and #139; Master of Kung Fu #92; Uncanny X-Men #134 and #136; all mine for the taking. I’m thinking how much the little bundle is gonna cost. I’ve got to find out, even if I end up putting them back in the box. That’s when I notice the sticker on the box…

All Items 50p

It’s too good to be true. I’m looking at the sticker, and looking at the comics, and I’m thinking to myself that I should hand over my money as soon as possible. Which is where the full power of my gloat comes into effect. You didn’t think this would just be about me finding cheap comics? Hell no. It gets better. Much better.

I take my small stack of four-color yummyness to the counter and the guy takes a look at them. He spends a good two minutes turning them over in his hand and considers the price. I’m thinking he’s about to change his mind and ask for a couple of pounds each, in which case the great deal would kinda be spoiled… But no. He asks me for four pounds. £4. I’m caught slightly off-guard by this, but not complaining.

How often does a person get fourteen old comics for the price of a single new one? ‘Course I’m gonna gloat…


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