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Posted by BigWords on July 2, 2009

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs (as you can tell from the list of AW blogs I’m amassing on its’ own page) so I have had the opportunity to find out a lot about memes. They’re gonna hit sooner or later, so I thought that I would do as many as possible, just to get them out of the way…

Five Things…

This is a meme where a person has to tell the world five things which would not be readily apparent. Fine. I’ll play.

  1. As a teenager, I once cut the back of my right forearm open with an axe. No, I wasn’t drunk.
  2. My present screen-saver is a Frank Miller image taken from the Sin City comic Just Another Saturday Night.
  3. I own four shoe-boxes filled with free CD’s and DVD’s, which I have collected from friends and family.
  4. I’ve read most of the Sabrina, The Teenage Witch paperbacks. There was a reason I did so, but I ain’t telling…
  5. Despite it being an acknowledged classic, I don’t even own a copy of Moby Dick.

Teaser Tuesdays

I know it isn’t Tuesday, but when have I ever given a damn about playing by the rules? Here is two sentences from the book I’m reading at the moment.

The monkey scuttled along, slipping through the crowds that jammed the street. It avoided the outstretched hands of people who wanted to touch it, then it turned a corner and stepped into a doorway.

Finish The Sentence

Self-explanatory. If you can’t keep up with where I’m heading with this, then there really is no hope for you whatsoever…

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss… was better than my first fuck.
2. I am listening to… the voices.
3. I talk… a lot. Mostly about shit I ain’t meant to be talking about.
4. I love… filling out these ridiculous things . It keeps me from having to use my brain.
5. My best friend/s… gonna be pissed off with me when he reads the next line.
6. My first real kiss… was with my best friend’s high school girlfriend.
It was years ago, so he should be over it…
7. Love is… gonna have to wait until I have some free time on my hands.
8. Marriage is… not for me.
9. Somewhere, someone is thinking… why the fuck am I reading this?
10. I’ll always… Be a geek.
11. The last time I really cried was because… my dog died.
12. My cell phone… is ugly. It’s also cheap. I may throw it at someone later
13. When I wake up in the morning… I’m happy that I’ve had a full two hours of sleep.
14. Before I go to bed… I make sure that I have put out my cigarette properly. Most of the time.
15. Right now I am thinking about… how I’m going to wriggle out of giving an explanation for answer #6.
16. Babies are… loud.
17. I get on Myspace… and laugh at the people who are there.
18. Today I… took the afternoon off because it was too hot to concentrate.
19. Tomorrow I will be… so hung-over that it will be impossible to concentrate.
20. I really want to be… laid by a supermodel.

Another Meme

1. What are your current obsessions? The number 4, talking gorillas, samurai flicks and ‘Scooby-Doo Meets Batman‘.
2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? T-shirts. The most worn one recently is a Dr. Doom design.
3. What’s for dinner? No idea. It’ll be a take-away, but I haven’t decided which one to ‘phone yet.
4. Last thing you bought? The new Eminem album on CD.
5. What are you listening to? Eros Ramazzotti’s Musica É.
6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be? Hercules (Steve Reeves version).
7. Favorite holiday spots? Anywhere with a large public library, a cinema and a comic-book shop.
8. Reading right now? If I told you that, I would give away the source of the quote for Teaser Tuesdays.
9. 4 words to describe yourself. The strange-looking guy .
10. Guilty pleasure? Katsumi DVD’s. No… Mars Attacks. Wait, it’ll have to be elevator muzak… Or The Magnificent Seven television series…
11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? Bill Hicks – Arizona Bay.
12. Planning to travel to next? No idea. It would spoil the surprise if I knew what I was going to be doing.
13. Best thing you ate or drank lately? Chocolate shavings sprinkled over strawberry  ice cream, then some runny honey poured over that.
14. When did you last get tipsy? If, by the question, you mean falling-over drunk… Saturday.
15. Care to share some wisdom? Forks and electric toasters don’t mix.
16. Nicest thing anyone’s ever said to you? At least you didn’t kill anyone…


3 Responses to “Before You Ask…”

  1. Glenn Kinyon said

    Your suggestion on AW that we don’t check out your blog made me think it might be worth a look. I was wrong, but you warned me.

    No, seriously, good stuff, dude. If I laugh, it’s never a waste of time.

  2. bigwords88 said

    This blog is best viewed with Firefox. I also recommend absinthe or peyote to make the reading experience more entertaining.

    You guys can’t say I didn’t warn y’all. 🙂

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