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The Dead Pool

Posted by BigWords on July 1, 2009

I’ve been pondering the recent celebrity deaths, at some length may I add, and have eventually come to the conclusion that the only winners in life are the folks who are willing to gamble a little. How much money did Michael Jackson’s death make for the scumbag media vultures, folks who were picking at his bones before his body was even cold? It isn’t exactly fair. Why should they get all the cash from another human being’s death? I wanna play too.

You know what that means: A “Dead Pool”. Get your money ready…


There are some (simplified) rules over here, though the “random celeb” bit doesn’t exactly press my buttons – I want to pick who I’m betting on. Here is a helpful ‘starter deck’ for those who want to play along at home. You can collect more as you begin to understand the finer aspects of the game, but by the time you have mastered the entry-level stats and pools you’ll be looking for a more complex edition. Consider this the AD&D of the game, with a few more twists and turns in gameplay, a more complicated scoring system and a world of fun to be had. You’re wondering how, by this point, to pick your selection: Celebrities win over politicians, civic leaders or religious figures most of the time (check here to see clarifications of ‘famous’).

There are variations on points-scoring as seen here, though it shouldn’t be too difficult for even the math-illiterate to play. The most important fact when playing, and one which some people still don’t do their homework on, is whether a person is still alive or not. After the controversial 1986 ruling over the exclusion of Paul McCartney from lists (due to him having been dead for years!) I would stick with less conspiracy theory-laden choices. Check here or here to see if someone is still alive and, if claiming your reward for a correct choice, first seek information on recently deceased celebrities here.

Have you got a list figured out yet? I’ll give you a headstart:

  1. Patrick Swayze.
  2. Mickey Rourke.
  3. Pamela Anderson.
  4. Keith Richards.
  5. Amy Winehouse.
  6. Queen Elizabeth II.
  7. Whitney Houston.
  8. Gordon Brown

Recent rulings: The following celebrities are still alive, therefore NO MONEY is allocated to players –
George Clooney. [83/1] Harrison Ford. [35/2] Jeff Goldblum. [29/2] Natalie Portman. [71/1] Britney Spears. [10/1]


A celebrity is for life, not just for Christmas their first sex tape.


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