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Things I Never Imagined Doing #1: Blogging

Posted by BigWords on June 13, 2009

I never wanted to write a blog. This wasn’t what I had in mind when I decided to become a writer. Honestly, this wasn’t my idea. There was some to and fro about me chronicling the minutia of events around me and I, like a fool, agreed – under pressure – to finally sit down and write one of these damn things. When I can, and when I have the inclination, there will be wonderful insights and beautifully composed writing…

Don’t hold your breath.

This past few weeks have been very stressful, and I have been getting ‘phone calls asking me how I am. Then the letters, and the e-mails, and the text messages started coming in from folks I haven’t spoken to in years… I found myself getting annoyed at repeating the same conversation to several people, so it was suggested I bypass the one-on-one and just start a blog.

This way I don’t have to talk to anyone about my feelings, which is fine by me, and I can get on with the important things. This is the end result. Don’t blame me for the attitude – remember that this wasn’t my idea.

Don’t get the impression that this is going to be a bunch of crap about “poor woeful me”, this isn’t going to be a marathon of self-obsession. All of the preceeding is just to tell folks why I have finally caved in to blogging. People who want sob stories can go read a book, or rent a chick flick if you are desperate for misery. This is my new outlet, and I’ll use it to vent whatever is currently bugging me. I’ll share my obsessions, ideas, quirks and foibles.

I don’t know what people expect from one of these things, so it’ll be an interesting experiment.

On a slightly different note, I read that ninety-five percent of blogs have been abandoned. Well, lets see who caves in first – me or you (and if you’re still reading my blog a year from now, it will be clear you are a masochist).

You won’t be reading about my writing here. Reading the thoughts of an unpublished author on their own work is about the most depressing thing a person can be put through, so I won’t torture you with the hell of finding the perfect sentence in a tsunami of verbiage. Anyone wanting to find out how difficult the thought process of putting together ideas is can go find a more suitable blog.

This is where I get to share the things I like. You’ll find out which comics, films, television shows, DVDs and music I like at the moment. Consider this my “mission statement”.

You’re probably wondering about the name of the blog, right? I couldn’t be bothered coming up with a witty name, and I don’t much care for smart-arse wordplay when there is no need for it. I’m incredibly lazy. Deal with it.

Some facts that you don’t want to know, nobody cares about, and I’ll deny at a later date:

I’m reading Fast Company by Jon Bradshaw at the moment, and it’s the best book on poker I have read in a long time.  Over the course of the past week I’ve been watching The Addams Family season 2 DVD box set (which is still, incredible as it seems, funnier than watching a clown stumbling about after being set on fire). I also played about an hour of Thief: Deadly Shadows this afternoon.

Damn, my life is so incredibly shallow…

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